This is a FULL SPECTRUM light. Its spectrum resembles sunlight: 380 nanometer purple all the way to 840 nanometer infrared.

Our new microwaved world drowns us in a sea of non-native EMFs, we need to mitigate this EMF pollution using sunlight and full-spectrum light devices.

This FULL SPECTRUM light can be worn on the radial artery on the wrist (compare to $750 Quantlet), it can also be used as an intranasal light therapy device (Compare to $399 Vielight). The nasal cavity is rich in blood vessels.

The light delivered to the tissues is absorbed by the MITOCHONDRIA. We need FULL SPECTRUM LIGHT, preferably from the sun, if not, then from full spectrum lights. More info here and here. $59.00





Cleansing herbs which may be part of a detoxification diet


  • Garlic--blood cleanser, lowers blood fats, natural antibiotic
  • Red Clover--blood cleanser, good during convalescence and healing
  • Echinacea--lymph cleanser, improves lymphocyte and phagocyte actions
  • Dandelion icon--liver and blood cleanser, diuretic, filters toxins, a tonic
  • Chaparral Tea --strong blood cleanser, with possibilities for use in cancer therapy
  • Cayenne Pepper--blood purifier, increases fluid elimination and sweat
  • Ginger root --stimulates circulation and sweating
  • Licorice Root--"great detoxifier," biochemical balancer, mild laxative
  • Yellow dock root--skin, blood, and liver cleanser, contains vitamin C and iron
  • Burdock Root--skin and blood cleanser, diuretic and diaphoretic, improves liver function, antibacterial and antifungal properties
  • Sarsaparilla root--blood and lymph cleanser, contains saponins, which reduce microbes and toxins
  • Prickly ash bark--good for nerves and joints, anti-infectious
  • Oregon grape root--skin and colon cleanser, blood purifier, liver stimulant
  • Parsley leaf --diuretic, flushes kidneys
  • Goldenseal --blood, liver, kidney, and skin cleanser, stimulates detoxification


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Herbs Useful In Detoxification

Blood Cleansers
Skin Cleansers
Echinacea Cascara sagrada Parsley Burdock root   
Red Clover  Buckthorn Yarrow Oregon grape
Dandelion Dandelion icon Cleavers Yellow dock
Burdock icon Yellow dock Horsetail Goldenseal
Yellow dock Rhubarb root Corn silk Ginger
Oregon grape root Senna leaf Uva Ursi Elder flowers
  Licorice root Juniper berries Peppermint
      Cayenne pepper  

Myrrh Gum.  
Prickly ash  

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