This is a FULL SPECTRUM light. Its spectrum resembles sunlight: 380 nanometer purple all the way to 840 nanometer infrared.

Our new microwaved world drowns us in a sea of non-native EMFs, we need to mitigate this EMF pollution using sunlight and full-spectrum light devices.

This FULL SPECTRUM light can be worn on the radial artery on the wrist (compare to $750 Quantlet), it can also be used as an intranasal light therapy device (Compare to $399 Vielight). The nasal cavity is rich in blood vessels.

The light delivered to the tissues is absorbed by the MITOCHONDRIA. We need FULL SPECTRUM LIGHT, preferably from the sun, if not, then from full spectrum lights. More info here and here. $59.00





How to protect your brain/circadian cycles/melatonin production from excessive exposure to toxic blue light from electronic devices.

November 16 , 2015

Exposure to blue light from electronic devices, especially in the evening, reduces the brain's production of melatonin. When you damage production of melatonin in the brain, you damage sleep. When you damage sleep, you damage health.

I spend several hours each day doing research on my iPad and laptops. I have been asking myself the following question: "How can I mitigate the negative long terms effects that these electronic devices have on my health?".

Blue light from electronic devices is toxic to the brain. Should I become Amish?

Of course, I could become Amish and reduce my blue light exposure from electronic devices down to zero, but that would not be practical. I enjoy the convenience and increased productivity that these devices offer me. Here are 2 steps I am taking to protect my brain/circadian cycles/melatonin production from excessive exposure to blue light from electronic devices:





1 - I wear blue blocker glasses anytime my eyes are exposed to iPads, laptops or TVs, especially in the evening.

2 - A lot of the reading I used to do on my iPad, I now do on the Kindle reader with NO backlight which does not flood my retinas with toxic blue light. The Kindle reflects light from the outside world using eInk, ePaper. Very different from the light coming from computers and tablets. Can be read for a long time without eye strain, can be read in the sun!




The Kindle reader with NO backlight has a battery life of 6 to 8 weeks with 1 charge! Why? Because it only uses battery power when you turn a page... It doesn't use any power when it displays a page, so there's no difference in battery usage between putting the device in Sleep mode and turning it off. They call this technology "eInk" and "ePaper". That's why you can read the Kindle Paperwhite outdoors in the sun, and that's why it's so much easier on the eyes and the brain, compared to the blue light produced by computers and iPads.

Here's what I do: I use the "Push to Kindle" Opera browser extension to send web pages to my Kindle for later reading. Sending a webpage to my kindle reader using the Opera push-to-kindle browser extension is a 1-click process. I also use Instapaper to save articles for later reading on my Kindle.

Finally, I also convert entire websites into PDF format using the free service at I then email those PDFs to my Kindle reader with NO backlight. Takes two minutes. Once those PDFs are sitting on my Kindle eReader, I can read them at my leisure, outdoors away from any Wi-Fi, or at home using an orange lightbulb which illuminates the screen of the Kindle reader with NO backlight.


Reading the ePaper on the Kindle reader with NO backlight with the help of an orange light illuminating the Kindle's screen is not nearly as damaging to the brain's melatonin production and circadian cycles as is reading on a computer, iPad, tablet or smartphone.

According to brilliant neurosurgeon Dr. Jack Kruse, excessive exposure to toxic blue light from electronic devices is one of the top causes of disease in the world today, because excessive blue light destroys a person's melatonin production and sleep, which disrupts circadian cycles. Once sleep quality suffers, health problems begin arising.

When it comes to energy production in the body, Dr. Jack Kruse explains that health all comes down to circadian rythms, electrons, water, DHA in the retina, and electromagnetic waves (light, from sunlight to blue light from computers) hitting the retina which is directly connected to the brain.

Using the Kindle reader with NO backlight instead of backlit LCD screens on iPads, tablets and laptops, together with using my blue blocker glasses, enables me to protect my brain's melatonin production and my circadian rythms by drastically reducing my exposure to toxic blue light.

What could be more fun than reading on my Kindle reader with NO backlight while sitting in the bath tub doing some awesome cold thermogenesis?


Buy my wristband/intranasal full spectrum light device. Made by hand by myself.







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